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:O Looky here!

Sorry everybody, I was kinda late in posting….Let’s just say I had to help out a friend. 😉

Anyways, to start off, we have 2 new posts in the Creators’ blog. K, so maybe they’re not new, but….since I haven’t been posting a lot, I can’t skip over them.

Thursday, December 31, 2009


I decided to rise from the Underworld and see how the new island is coming along. Not quite as cool as where I’m from, but it should be fine for you living, breathing *gag* mortals.

Animadverto vos nunc 😉

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Hmmm…looks like a new island is underway….and the theme is the Underworld? I gotta say it has me a bit curious. Especially Hades. Wonder if it’ll really come out. I’m suspecting it’ll be a little scary, if it is about the Underworld and Hades, for smaller kids. Not sure what he’s saying on the second line though….looks like Latin. Too bad I don’t know the language. :/
Now….what we have all been waiting for-
Monday, January 4, 2010

Counterfeit Island is now online!


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Yayyy!! Finally! Better go out and play it now! Too bad you don’t get the extra 100 credits though. And as for what BB is saying, I  have no clue, actually. I check it up later, cuz I’m too lazy…..
P.S. I’m gonna need some new authors I think….so…if you’re interested, please email me at
P.P.S I was thinking about a contest soon. I know that buying credits is out of the question, but if I learn some hacks, I guess it’ll be up soon. If you have any suggestions what the prize would be though, please comment. Thank you!
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Harpi New Year everyone! I can’t wait until the ball drops! I’m gonna watch it! Actually, it’s no biggy for me and my cousin, because I’d been watching it drop ever since I was 3! Anyways, we just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!

We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives… not looking for flaws, but for potential.
~Ellen Goodman

That’s all this year (really.), because……..Next time our crew posts, it’ll be next year! Happy New Year everyone!

Until Next Year,


P.S. I know….there’s so much more I need to update, I’m really busy so far because of break- my mom’s been dragging me to her conferences for church. Sorry ’bout the lack of ‘updateness’.

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It’s finally out! =D  I can’t believe it! The downside of the new is is that you have to have an early access pass for it, which costs 500 credits., but you get 200 free credits if you do it on early access.


😦 Sorry to the people who can’t buy it for shortage of credits. It comes out public on Jan. 4, 2010, though!  I’m a little disappointed too though. Fearless Hero, on the PHF did a hack for me that allows me to go in Counterfeit, even though I don’t have the early access. Much to my disappointment, when I went to Early Poptropica (it’s a cross island game, unlike the others), and tried to go back, I couldn’t…I guess I’ll have to wait until it comes public! I don’t have the walkthrough yet….but I’ll put it in soon I hope! Anyways, Merry Christmas!


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Hold your fire! I come in peace…for now. XD

Hey everybody! I’m the new author here! Here’s a few things about me you should know:

1. I’m Elaineyw’s cousin, living at her house..for now.

2. This is my first blog, so I hope I don’t crash and burn.

3. Umm….I can’t think of three, so…..O well.


This is just my intro post….and I hope I’ll do well! ;D Like I said before, I’m not good at this stuff, so this isn’t a looonng post. I can’t think of anything else though….

The inevitable person who can’t think of anything,

Mellozjelloz 🙂

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Did someone say….CANDY CANES?!

Yes, yes, YES! There’s now candy canes in the store..for FREE! So go ahead, take one of them before they take them away!

Yayy!! I love the joy of getting candy canes. They make meh happy. ^.^

Oh, and btw, if you press the space button, your Poptropican throws it in the air and catches it. 😀

*rubs hands together* Here’s the REAL reason why I bothered to post something at 8:06 PM:

So, it looks like Counterfeit Island IS coming out. ;D I noticed last time I didn’t post that, and I was too lazy to edit it. 😛

 MERRY CHRISTMAS from the PGB team! *parties* Christmas isn’t my fav. holiday, but I like it well enough! Penguin’s so cute…and to think Motion would dare to say he’ll kill all the penguins on a thread…..if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re probably not of the PHF….0_O

If not, GO SIGN UP! Please…..for meh…? *clears throat* anyways,



P.S. visit please-

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Yeah, yeah. I know. I haven’t been posting things for the new ads and stuff. So. This time I’ll just post the important stuff.

A new creators post-

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Here is some concept art for Counterfeit Island. Watch out for the Gatekeeper! You will only like him when he’s…crazy.

Uh..yeah. That’s kinda creepy. The 2nd was REALLY giving me the chills. I wonder how the smaller, let’s say like 6 year olds, would say. 0_O
Then…2 NEW STORE ITEMS! Thursday, December 3, 2009

We’ve added some festive stuff to our Poptropica Store. Check it out!

Yayy! Finally new stuff. I like the snow man better, actually…. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough credits, I used them up so, oh well.  UNTIl NEXT TIME~
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Hi! I’m Njg28 i’m the new author here!=). give me your welcomes and you hi’s.So bye!

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A little getaway…

There’s a new post in the Poptropica Creators’ blog about ‘Counterfeit Island’!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
A little getaway

While exploring more of Counterfeit Island, I saw a quaint little cottage just outside of town, that would be a great vacationing spot.


Kewl! It reminds me somewhat of..something…. I can’t figure it out right now, but let’s just focus on this for now. Hmmm..not much to talk about it. And the creators’ already said that the cottage would be in Counterfeit Island. I wonder how you would exactly ‘get out of town’. Isn’t the painting supposed to be in town? Or am I just getting this wrong? Anyways, I guess time will tell.

signing out,

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2 new costumes….and 2 sneak peeks!

There’s 3 new posts in the Poptropica creators’ blog! Here’s the first one:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Store Stuff!

We are crazy busy working on some really awesome Poptropica islands, but we found time to add two more outfits to the Poptropica Store…the Tiger Shark and Swan Ballerina!

avatar image

So FINALLY there’s some new store stuff. Looks like there’s a Tiger shark and a Swan ballerina costume. Personally, I like the tiger shark better. And you may have noticed Shark Boy’s isn’t in his usually great white costume. Because he changed it. 😉 
And a sneak peek:
Monday, November 23, 2009

At the Station

You don’t want to be on the wrong side of those bars!

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A stolen painting….hmmm….slightly suspicious. My theory is that you have to try to find Thomas Jefferson’s painting, catch the theif and make a get-away. That’s where the scooter comes in mind, I think. So….here’s the next one:
Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Now this is what I call art!


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Why would BB post THAT? Well, obviously, it has something to do with T.J.’s missing painting and with ‘Counterfeit Island’. But unfortunatly, BB wrote his message in binary. Please comment if you know what he’s saying!
That’s it for today I guess. Cya!
Posted by: Serious Cloud | November 20, 2009

New Author

Hiya, I am the lazy yet enthusiastic new member!


the awesomeness freak,

Serious Cloud

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