Posted by: elaineyw | February 11, 2010

v Look down here!

Hey everyone,

You’re probably wondering, Why am I taking so long to post?! I have no clue myself, but I haven’t had much time just to post and everything. Mellozjelloz is busy and my other two authors, I’m sad to say aren’t posting. So. I found a new author! She’s PERFECT! It’s….Sassysweety! *claps*

I was hoping that she’d make an intro post soon, so hang in there. It make take some time though. And as for the poptropica updates, I’ll try to post them on Wednesday or Thursday. Sorry it’s taking so long!

I’m looking for my new authors, so if you would like to be one, please comment and I’ll try to add you as soon as possible. You must, however fit to all the requirments-

*Have good grammar and spelling. We don’t want our viewers to wonder what we’re talking about due to bad grammar and spelling.

* Basic knowledge of graphics and taking pics in Poptropica

*Must post often.

*And most importantly of all- HAVE FUN!




  1. Hey WI,thanks for having me. I wasn’t sure/don’t have privileges to access the about page so here’s my information:
    Sassysweety- A 14-yr old,5 ft,blonde hair/blue eyed, fun-loving girl. That loves: cats,surfing the web,philanthropy,blogging,friends,and Joshie. Well I hope I’m a help to you..if you have a question just ask..I’ d be glad to help you. My email is:

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