Posted by: elaineyw | December 14, 2009

Did someone say….CANDY CANES?!

Yes, yes, YES! There’s now candy canes in the store..for FREE! So go ahead, take one of them before they take them away!

Yayy!! I love the joy of getting candy canes. They make meh happy. ^.^

Oh, and btw, if you press the space button, your Poptropican throws it in the air and catches it. 😀

*rubs hands together* Here’s the REAL reason why I bothered to post something at 8:06 PM:

So, it looks like Counterfeit Island IS coming out. ;D I noticed last time I didn’t post that, and I was too lazy to edit it. 😛

 MERRY CHRISTMAS from the PGB team! *parties* Christmas isn’t my fav. holiday, but I like it well enough! Penguin’s so cute…and to think Motion would dare to say he’ll kill all the penguins on a thread…..if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re probably not of the PHF….0_O

If not, GO SIGN UP! Please…..for meh…? *clears throat* anyways,



P.S. visit please-



  1. I ❤ candy canes! Not as much as jello though! =D

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